icon depicting Robust Connectivity

Robust Connectivity

M0V is designed to work with unreliable network connections.

M0V supports dual-band WiFi and GPRS. Designed for poor network connectivity.
icon depicting Open source

Open source

M0V's openness is it's strength.

Hardware and software are freely available to extend and deploy.
icon depicting Easy to install and provision

Easy to install and provision

App based provisioning

M0V is straightforward to install and provision.
icon depicting Scalable design

Scalable design

M0V is designed for scale.

M0V's server is scalable to handle millions of devices.

Install in seconds, peace of mind for years.

M0V connects to default server out of the box.

Host on any server or your favorite CDN.

Github Logo

M0V is open-source and completely free.

Our contributors make M0V great.